Let’s Control Our Own Destiny

by | Oct 7, 2021

We are about to make a transportation decision that will impact our community for generations. 

Do we do what is right – and follow the vision we know is best for all of us?  Or do we let a private company hijack the opportunity?
Our leaders will soon decide whether Brightline can build a rail corridor from the Orlando International Airport direct to Walt Disney World – or whether they should follow an inclusive route that allows SunRail to serve the Orange County Convention Center, the International Drive area, hundreds of businesses and hundreds of thousands of visitors and local residents.  This route would also serve Disney – and so everyone would win.  
We know what we think.  In fact, the International Drive Chamber of Commerce has just passed a resolution calling on our leaders to pick the route that serves the Convention Center and International Drive area – and our entire community.

View this video to learn more about our point of view and mission.