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Past Updates

New Model Raises Concerns for Hunter’s Creek Residents

UpdatesA new model demonstrating Brightline’s proposed route has caused significant concern among residents of Hunter’s Creek. The model, recently unveiled at the Hunter’s Creek Town Hall, shows how Brightline’s proposed high-speed rail route would slice through the...

Expert Review Finds No Significant Cost Difference Between Routes

Brightline claims their proposed route along State Road 417 is cheaper than the preferred 528 route which includes the Convention Center. But that’s just not so. A newly completed, detailed review by three national engineering firms has found no substantial costs between the two…

Orlando’s Right Rail Launches with Definitive Stance

Orlando Business Journal recently spotlighted Orlando’s Right Rail campaign launch, reporting on our fight against Brightline’s harmful proposed State Road 417 route with our promotion of the State Road 528 route that intersects with International Drive. They noted our definitive…