Get answers to frequently asked questions about our cause.

What is Orlando’s Right Rail?

Orlando’s Right Rail is a community coalition sponsored by the International Drive Chamber of Commerce made of up businesses and individuals who want our community to benefit from a mass transit plan with the vision to serve our entire community. Coalition members strongly support mass transit. The “Sunshine Corridor Program,” creating new SunRail connectivity between the Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center, is exactly the solution our community needs. It is best for our entire region, our residents, our economy – and our future.

What is the Sunshine Corridor Program?

The Sunshine Corridor Program will create a new east-west rail corridor from Orlando International Airport to the Orange County Convention Center and potentially beyond. It will allow SunRail to expand its service across our region and connect to the airport – and it will give Brightline, a private rail company, opportunity to expand its statewide service.

For more information, download the program definition memo.

Why is this best for our community?

This is an historic moment-in-time for our community. The Sunshine Corridor Program will greatly enhance transportation through our region – serving nearly 100,000 workers in the International Drive area, as well as approximately 26,000 working at or around the airport while also allowing Brightline to expand its statewide service. There have been months of conversation about what is the right route for mass transit and for everyone in our community. All involved believe the Sunshine Corridor is best – and that its time is now. What makes this moment-in-time especially powerful is that the project may be able to receive significant federal funding. And, local private businesses have also pledged financial help as well as land for the project – helping alleviate costs from taxpayers.

What is the Orlando’s Right Rail coalition doing to help move this forward?

Orlando’s Right Rail community coalition is dedicated to supporting the development and operation of the Sunshine Corridor Program. Universal and all the Orlando’s Right Rail partners will contribute to and collectivity guarantee $13 million in annual ticket sales for the new Sunshine Corridor rail line.

Additionally, based on its investment in its new theme park – Universal’s Epic Universe – Universal will:

  • Support financing of up to $125 million to be used to fund the rail corridor and the Orange County Convention Center station.
  • Support the operation and maintenance of the station so there is no cost to Orange County taxpayers.
  • Pledge 13 acres of land at no cost to be used for a convention center station and a substation section of the rail corridor.