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What is Orlando’s Right Rail?

Orlando’s Right Rail is a community coalition sponsored by the International Drive Chamber of Commerce made of up businesses and individuals who want our community to benefit from a mass transit plan with the vision to serve our entire community. Coalition members strongly support mass transit. But they believe a plan currently being pushed by Brightline, a private railroad company, is not right for our community.

What’s the issue?

Brightline wants to build a high-speed rail corridor from the Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. Their proposed route travels alongside the SR 417 Greeneway, cutting through residential areas and sensitive wetlands. One of the most severely impacted communities – Hunter’s Creek – says local leaders don’t even have the right to approve the SR 417 route due to prior, binding, agreements. And Brightline’s current plans ignore a route that has been twice approved by federal and state rail and transportation experts and regulators. This preferred route connects the Orlando International Airport with the Orange County Convention Center and International Drive – and then makes its way to Walt Disney World. It travels alongside SR 528 through what is mostly industrial areas – creating little residential or environmental impact.

Why is all this a big deal?

At the core of any all-inclusive transit plan for our region is SunRail. SunRail can use Brightline’s tracks to expand its service to our community. But Brightline’s current path does not give SunRail much opportunity to expand and would leave many of us out of the picture. If Brightline uses the twice-approved and preferred route, it would open potential SunRail service to many more businesses and residents – including the 75,000 people who work in the International Drive area. And SunRail would be better positioned to expand across our entire region.

So why not just do it the right way?

Brightline says their route is cheaper. But that’s far from proven fact. Orlando’s Right Rail has experts conducting a detailed review and comparison of the cost for the two route and will share an update soon. And if the cost is the same – or close – it’s up to our community leaders to make the right rail decision.

How can I get involved?

This site has a petition you can sign: http://change.org. And you can also contact some of the government officials involved in making this decision. Here’s how.

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